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September 2013 » NEW

KTH Royal Institute of Technology joins the Ciltec-family


August 2013 » NEW

Ciltec gets its first customer in Norway. Agreements will be signed in the coming days. The Ciltec-family grows and more information will follow during the week.


April 2013 »

Ciltec Companion and Easit Case Management System can now be integrated to automatically exchange information between systems. For example, cases transferred to Companion for billing and subscription information in the Companion used to update data in Easit.


• March 2013 » NEW

Örebro Läns Landsting joins the Ciltec-family. Implementation done and approved. Very exiting project with more than 20 Nortel pbxes and close to 18000 end users. The solution include Companion 2012, connection to the customers economy system, EDI invoicing and Easit.


The project leader from Ciltec says: "I am very impressed of the staff at Örebro Läns Landsting. They only needed an hours introduction to be up and running. The project was also exiting due to the fact that the customer belongs to the segment "huge customer". We also had some integrations between Companion and other external systems."


• February 2013 »

Hugh implementation project Friday on the 8th of February. The solution include Companion 2012 and connections to MEA and Easit. The customer will be reveled shortly.


• February 2013 »

Ciltec receives an order from VMKFB. Integration will be done between Companion and Nilex.


• October 2012 » NEW

Västra Mälardalens Kommunalförbund buys Companion 2012. Solution implemented and approved. We welcome VMKFB to the Ciltec-family.


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Gain control of your IT and telecommunications equipment by collecting all the information in one place


Companion contains a directory of subscribers, closely linked to resources, which keeps track of who is using what equipment and service(s). You can, as a customer, define what types of resources to be administered, each type has its own characteristics. There are opportunities in Companion 2012 to obtain information from external systems such as pbxes, Active Directory, or referral, all with the aim of minimizing administration.




The function Billing makes it possible to compile reports on IT and telephony costs, which include calls, labor, material and services. There is also the option to import electronic invoices from different operators. Reports can be presented with a so-called drill-down function  to show the costs of a department or to show the costs of the underlying costcenters.

It is also possible to study individual calls for an extension that is included in a report. Billing Reports can specify the use of services and costs originating in Cases. Reports can be exported to an export file in the desired format, such as RTF, readable, XML or adapted for import into the accounting system. Many accounting systems are supported directly in the Companion and adjustments can easily be made to additional formats to be included in the standard export feature. For exports to accounting systems, data can be grouped by account plan in Companion. 




Companion registers in-and outbound call traffic through the company's pbxes and price according to its call price lists. These can be easily maintained using an Excel-like screen. Calls are also a basis in feature analysis and reporting where the call flow and call costs can be studied. The aim is partly to create through visualization cost awareness and identify where the company can make savings. Cost increase over time, international calls, calls outside office hours, share calls to mobile and fixed network, is an example of what function can display. Reports can show everything from a comprehensive description down to individual calls, with powerful filtering and search capabilities.

It is also possible to analyze the response quality of extensions or groups, such as dropped calls and response times. This function is dependent on the respective pbx options and configuration. Along with call tariffs are the simple and flexible operation simulation, with which comparisons between various operators can be performed, in order to determine what will be the cheapest, based on your particular historical traffic patterns.




Side-by-side with the equipment and subscriber registry are a feature called Cases. It' used to facilitate changes in the telecommunication or IT system. Through the smooth registration of bug reports, amendments etc., created in control of everything that needs to be performed in the IT and telecommunications system. Employees are also able to register call or change request from the Companions Web Site.

Cases can with a mouse click also be send to the function Billing. A price for labor and equipment simplifies pricing and registration. Predefined templates over the makings content and also receiver makes it easy to record recurrent cases, complex cases are composed of several parts or cases to multiple recipients. Companion keeps track of the status of the technician assigned to a case, making monitoring easier.





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